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This page shows some of the various parts I have developed for use in my custom drive and model making business. I offer them on an ongoing basis.

Hopefully the photos and captions are self-explanatory. If you have any questions please let me know. Click on the following links to jump to a particular part.

  1. Electrical Pick Up Wipers
  2. Etched Safety Tread, .016" and .031" Thick
  3. Close Coupling Adapter for Weaver Troop Cars
  4. Marker Light Mounting Brackets
  5. Delrin Spur Gears
  6. Delrin Chain and Sprockets
  7. Replacement Motor Mount Grommets for Max Gray and U.S. Hobbies Locos
  8. Uncoupling lever brackets for SP GS gondolas
  1. I- and T-shaped electrical pick up wipers.

    I just had several sheets of wipers etched. Neither the etcher or I remembered that they had two different tooling files for me, and with Murphy in the room they used the wrong file - an understandible accident. The reason for changing the tooling was a high volume customer request to increase the width of the "T" wiper from .094" to .118" (3MM) for mechanical fit reasons. This change had the side effect of reducing the number of "I" wipers which was OK since they didn't sell as well as the "T"s. There is no functional difference between the .094" and .118" width; The "T" wiper pictured above is .094" wide.

    Future orders will be filled with .094" wide "T"s. The remaining .118" "T"s are reserved for existing customers who need more of that width, so if you are one of those folks let me know when you order; the quantity is extremely limited.

    The are pre-packaged in bags of 16 for $20 since that quantity is popular; any number of wipers can be ordered.

    Since I expect over time to have an oversupply of "I"s, I've reduced the price on them to $.75 each.

    Precision etched out of spring temper phosphor bronze sheet. The flat bar style, "I", is 1.375" long by .125" wide with a #0 hole for mounting. The "T" style is 2.75" long, .094" or .118" wide; the mounting tab is .187" long, .125" wide with a #0 hole for mounting; use either 0-80 or 1.7MM screws for mounting.. Both wipers are .008" thick.

    I have had wipers etched in .006", .008", then .007" to see if the thickness of the material effects how well they work. I found that there was no discernable difference in their effectiveness. The thickness of the wipers available at any one time will vary depending upon what thickness phosphor bronze sheet I have been able to obtain. My current stock is all .008".

    The wipers are provided loose, e.g., as pictured above. There may be a slight delay in processing your order if I have to cut more wipers out of a sheet in order to supply the quantity you ordered.

    The "T" wipers are priced at four for $5; the "I" are priced at $.75 each. "T" and "I" can be mixed in any proportion. E.g., 20 "T" cost $25, 20 "T" and 15 "I" cost $25 plus $11.25, total $36.25.

    A full 12 x 12 sheet that contains 54 of the I-shaped wiper and 162 of the T-shaped wiper is currently not available. Full sheets of the "old tooling" etch contain 160 "I" and 150 "T" wipers and are priced the same as the new tooling sheet or $225 plus shipping.. The thickness of the sheet is .008". Sheets are shipped Priority Mail in a large square box. I use tin snips to cut the tiny tabs that join the wiper to the sheet; a pair of appropriate scissors may also work to cut the tabs.

    Please contact me so a shipping amount can be determined and to discuss payment methods.

    To see example installations of wipers: examples.

  2. Precision etched safety tread material.

    Available thicknesses are .016 and .031. The sample in the photo was coated with Dykem and then lightly filed to highlight the raised areas. The material you would receive will be uncolored brass. I was not careful to file evenly, hence the apparent uneven surface.

    Priced at $1.00 per square inch. Any rectangular size up to 11 x 23 inches can be provided. Large sizes are shipped in a plywood sandwich. The shipping charge varies depending upon how much packing/crating is required to ensure the material will be safe during transit

    Please contact me so a shipping amount can be determined and to discuss payment methods.

  3. Close coupling coupler mount for Weaver troop sleeper (and others) cars.

    While these parts were developed specifically for the Weaver troop sleeper models, some ingenious customers have found other uses for them.

    I am told that this same mount fits the Weaver PRR B60s and B60Bs and (probably some) Golden Gate Depot plastic heavyweight cars. I will attempt to visit GGD and determine which of the models they have in stock at the time will accept this part. Until then you might want to purchase a pair of machined castings in order to check the fit of the casting to the model with a KD coupler installed. If you want to order fully assembled parts and return the castings with your order I will use them when assembling your order provided they have not been modified, and not charge you for that pair of castings.

    The left photo below shows the factory spacing. The right photo below shows the improved spacing. In both photos the couplers have been fully extended, i.e., in each photo, the car on the right is pulling the car on the left.

    If the KD "slack action" is reduced by inserting a suitable length of 3/32" diameter stock inside the KD centering spring, you can get the close coupling seen below. For more information click on the Weaver Coupler Mount Details link below. Metal or plastic rod or tubing can be used. Plastic rod or tubing from Plastruct is easy to cut to length and works well. Note that on curves of relative sharp radius, a gap must be left between the cars because the diaphragms are stiff and do not flex, resulting in derailment if the stress is great enough. For example, a 1/16" gap is needed for derailment-free operation around 60 inch radius curves; .160" long rods will produce this size of a gap.

    Note that the car on the right in the above photo also has correctly modeled and located air, signal, and steam line detail.

    See Weaver Coupler Mount Details for more information and pricing on these coupler mounts.

  4. Mounting brackets for Grandt Line #149 marker lights.

    The Grandt marker light housing slips into the ring on the bracket which has been previously attached to the car that is to carry the markers. The price per sprue is $5.00 plus $2.00 S&H per order. See markers for information on how I use these brackets along with the Grandt moldings to install markers.

    Please contact me so a shipping amount can be determined and to discuss payment methods.

  5. Serv-O-Link Brand Delrin Spur Gears

    I have in stock the following sizes of delrin 48 pitch spur gears:

    All gears are priced at $2.50 each.

    Please contact me so a shipping amount can be determined and to discuss payment methods.

  6. Serv-O-Link Brand Delrin Chain and Sprockets

    I have in stock the following Serv-O-Link delrin sprockets and chain:

    All sprockets are priced at $2.00 each.

    Chain is priced at $14.00 per foot, maximum order quantity is 2 feet.

    Please contact me so a shipping amount can be determined and to discuss payment methods.

  7. Replacement Motor Mount Grommets For Max Gray and U.S. Hobbies Locos

    I have in stock grommets that fit all the MG and USH motor mounts that I have in my discarded parts boxes.

    Below are 3 different mounting brackets along with several original equipment grommets that are now brittle and flattened. They are so brittle that they neither can be removed from the bracket or inserted into a bracket without crumbling.

    Below the new grommets that I offer are on the left. You can compare to the original grommets on the right that are brittle and flattened.

    I shopped for sizes whose specifications indicated they would fit the brackets. The difference between the two sizes is the outside diameter of the grommet which should make no difference in the grommets' function. Both sizes have been verified to fit the brackets and that the mounting screws fit the grommets. Since either size will fit and work, which grommets you want to install is up to you.

    To make it simple for myself I am selling them as 2 pair of grommets, one pair of large and one pair of small which will be sufficient to re-grommet two brackets. The price is $8 per 2 pair.

    Please contact me so a shipping amount can be determined and to discuss payment methods.

  8. Cast brass coupler lift bar brackets for SP GS gondolas

    Cast with lost wax, these brackets can be used with the Max Gray and U.S.Hobbies #403 GS gondolas.

    They probably can be used with the Glacier Park GS gons but that hasn't been tested. Note that a hole is provided so the bracket can be pinned to the bottom of the end sill.

    The remnant of the casting sprue on the back of the casting must be removed; careful use of a motor tool while holding the casting with pliers makes short work of this. The samples shown in the photo have had the remnant removed.

    Price is $10 per pair, postage included. Pay by Paypal F&F to


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