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I hope you don't mind having to do a minor mental exercise to determine my contact information. The reason my contact information is provided as it is below is to make it difficult/impossible for the data mining robots that routinely roam the Internet to determine my contact information. Contact information that the robots find is sold to spammers who then send spam/junk mail and faxes which result in wasted time and expense (my fax machine ink cartridge cost $52!)

If you have difficulty interpreting the e-mail address as I have encoded them below, please let me know by voice phone. If you have any other issues or suggestions with this page please let me know.

Nominal Business Hours

9AM to 5PM Pacific Time; please call to make an appointment if you wish to make a personal visit.

Since I am a one-person operation, there are times when I am closed while running an errand. In which case please leave a message on the answering machine. I will get back to you within 24 hours unless I am out of town.

My Business and Mailing Address

My street number is 876. If you are coming to visit, 876 is behind 872.

My street name is Boyce Avenue.

My city name is Palo Alto.

My state is California (CA).

My zip plus four code is 94301-3003.

My e-mail Address

My e-mail address is formatted as follows:

To construct my e-mail address, simply replace the word "first_name" with my real first name of rod, and replace the word "fullname" with my real full name of rodmiller.

For example, if my name was hot dog, my e-mail address would be

My Voice Telephone Number (CHANGED!)

My telephone number is formatted, like all telephone numbers, as area_code-prefix-number. For example, in 650-555-1212, 650 is the area_code, 555 is the prefix, and 1212 is the number.

This is my mobile phone at which you are more likely to reach me on your first call.

The area code is 650.

The prefix is 218.

The number is 5752.

To construct my telephone number just string those three numbers together.

My Fax Machine Number

The fax number area code is 650.

The fax number prefix is 329.

The fax number number is 0423.

To construct my fax number just string those three numbers together.

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These web pages were designed and implemented by Rod Miller.