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These web pages list the O scale items that Rod Miller has for sale.

Note that any parts shown below are those that are that have come into my posession as part of operating my business, and that are not something for which I want to provide an ongoing supply; e.g., they are excess. I also have ongoing stock in parts that have been developed for my business and that I offer for sale; you can see them at this page.

Please return as from time to time as I will add to this list items from my personal collection that no longer fit my personal modeling interests, and items from my business operations that I find to be excess.

A simple way to determine if any new items have been added is to check the Last Update date at the top of this page - if it is more recent than your last visit, I have updated items.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me: (use this email for PayPal)

Rod Miller
876 Boyce Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301-3003

Personal checks are OK if I know you - please verify with me first.

If you buy more than one item I will do my best to combine them in packages in order reduce the shipping cost.


None available at this time.


AtlasO PRR X29 Box Car lettered for Railway Express Agency service>
A critical PRR fan told me these cars, a joint project with Middle Division, were very accurate. Car is new, never out of the box. $50 plus S&H.

Petersen Supply special run D&RGW stock car
Based upon the origial Atlas/Roco model. Does not include trucks or couplers. Model has never been out of the box. $25 + S&H.

Red Caboose U.S. Army Tank Car, 2-rail
Includes KD couplers, NIB, $40 + S&H

Petersen Supply special run UP stock car
Based upon the origial Atlas/Roco model. Does not include trucks or couplers. Model has never been out of the box. $25 + S&H.

Intermountain assembled Harbor Tank Line tank car
Add couplers and it is RTR. Model has never been out of the box. Model has never been out of the box. $30 + S&H.

Intermountain WP Merchandise Service box car kit
A very interesting and colorful scheme $30 + S&H.

One Max Gray, One U.S.Hobbies # 246 Plug Door Reefer
New, MG (pictured below) is tarnished has only truck mounting screws, USH is mostly clear brass, has all the parts. $60 each + S&H

Corgi PE Streetcar, PE "Fruit Salad" scheme, 1/50, NIB
New. $50 + S&H

W.A.Drake 6000 Gallon 2 Dome Tank Car, Conoco, NIB, KDs, weathered black plastic trucks with plastic wheelsets
New. $300 + S&H

In a move the forgotten archive of O Scale West (OSW) show cars was discovered. In the past OSW produced one, sometimes two, special run and correct, cars for each year's show. These cars are now for sale; all are in their original box. Many of these cars are long out of production and have become hard to find. The following cars are available:

AtlasO PFE Ice Sevice Reefer, 2-rail
Not an archive car but is part of the special run OSW cars that are for sale. This is the most recent special run OSW show car lettered for PFE (black and white double heralds scheme) Ice Service, $70 + S&H

Weaver Ultra Line ATSF Food Service (White Door) 40 Foot Car, 2-rail
$40 + S&H

Weaver double door steel side box car, metal wheelsets
2-rail RTR, UP two tone gray Express Service, UP9171, minor water damage to box, $40 + S&H

Intermountain boxcar Kit, Southern Pacific two tone gray Express Service, SP 5708
Because it was so difficult to print the doors separately from the sides and have the stripes align, Intermountain made just one run of these cars - that which O Scale West got. This makes this scheme relatively rare. $30 + S&H

AtlasO Tidewater Southern 50 Foot Box Car, 2-rail
Cornucopia Herald, NIB, $50 + S&H

Crown Model Products single sheathed 40 foot boxcar
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific Black Overnight, SP 15953, $35 + S&H

AtlasO USRA single sheathed box car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific, SP 26532, $40 + S&H

AtlasO ACF 70 Ton Covered Hopper Car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific Red Gothic Lettering, SP 400287, $40 + S&H

AtlasO single sheathed 50 foot double door box car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific Automobile, SP 68673, $40 + S&H


Mine Hoist Sheaves, 8' 6" diameter, each kit includes sheave, pillow blocks, simulated cable
New. Both for $10 + S&H

Variac, 2.5 Amps
Used,with wire leads terminated with screw lugs. $40 + S&H

Hair pin spring with mounting nuts.
21, new, for solenoid switch machines, the nuts will prevent accidental dislodging of the spring, very nicely done. All 21 for $21 + S&H

1/48 scale Beech Bonanza kit by Minicraft. Unopened kit.
An iconic aircraft of the post-WW II era. Good flat car load with the wings parallel to the body. $25 plus $10 S&H.

Max Gray/USH driver set for the ATSF 2-10-4.
New, un-used. Note that two wheelsets are blind (no flanges). These are 72" diameter wheels. $100 + S&H.

PSC 9118 Pullman style passenger car truck
Cast frame, 8' 4" wheelbase, bottom equalized and fully sprung, 36" wheels, also used on round roof (AKA Harriman) passenger cars. $30 + $10 S&H.

ACE passenger car truck kit
"hat" journal, 2 brake cylinders per side. Kit is complete. Have 2 kits. $30 per kit, S&H for one or both kits.

8 foot Youngstown (left) and 6 foot Superior doors
molded in various colors, plastic. Have 1 pair of the 8 foot doors, 5 pair of the Superior doors. The Superior doors have a rough surface, all other doors are smooth. You can see in the Superior door the multiple colored plastic used in molding these items. Everything (all items in the three photos below) for $20 + $10 S&H.

6 foot Youngstown doors, molded in various colors, plastic. Have 4 pair of these doors.

Tack and routing boards, molded in various colors, plastic. Have enough for 16 cars.


Nothing available right now.


Nothing available right now.


Interested in learning more about 2-rail O scale? Please visit the O Scale Kings web pages.

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