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Repair and Upgrading Services

This is a description of the repairing and upgrading component of my railroad model building business. If you are interested, I encourage you to have a dialog with me so that we can discuss your interests and what I can do for you.


Over time models may need repair because of wear. For example, bearings can wear out, and steam locomotive rods can become worn to the point that the locomotive will not run without binding. The plating can wear off from plated tires (it is important to fix this quickly before the tire wears to the point of needing to be replaced.)

Accidents happen, and models get bent. Solder joints can fail.


You may acquire a locomotive that won't run well if at all. Replacement of the motor may be sufficient to get the loco running. Or you may want its details upgraded or modified to represent a specific prototype.

You may have changed your modeling focus, so certain favorite models don't "fit" your scheme anymore. You might want to have those models modified to fit your new scheme. In general, if you don't like some aspect of your model, the model can be changed so that you like it.

You may decide to convert your layout to Digital Command Control (DCC), or you are building a new layout and want to use DCC.

What Can Be Done

Please see Completed Projects for descriptions (and eventually, photos) of repair and upgrade projects I have completed.

Comments on Repairs and Upgrading

The use of ACC to repair broken solder joints is avoided where possible because the joint usually breaks again. The correct repair, resoldering, is then much more difficult because of the ACC coating the surfaces to be joined. On very rare occasions I use ACC, but a good solder joint is the right way to make the repair, even if the model is painted in which case I make the effort to match the color and shine of the paint when patching it.

If major paint work is needed as part of the repair, the alternatives will be presented to you for your choice. Alternatives can range from you preferring to perform the paint work, to having me repaint and redecorate the model.

It is possible that during the course of making the repairs/upgrades other items needing attention will be noted, and that I will recommend to you that additional work be done. This is done in the interest of your finding a high quality satisfying model when you open the box, not in the interest of making work for me, since I have plenty to do.


Repairs I perform, including solder joints and fabricated parts, are warranted for as long as you own the model.

I have tested the paint I use and have found it is highly resistant to chipping. However, I warranty only that the paint will not peel off, since it is not possible to predict how the locomotive will be handled after it leaves my shop. E.g., failures caused by improper handling, faulty maintenance, or abuse are not warranted.


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