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To all my customers, please not that I have moved from California to Oregon.

The contact info section has been updated; my email and phone number did not change, only the address changed.

After a break because of the effort to move and set up the new shop I am back to work.

There are several advantages to the move:

  1. The shop is not longer in a flood plain.
  2. The shop is larger and better organized.
  3. The shop is well lighted, and fully heated and air conditioned.
  4. A new test loop makes testing completed project more efficient.
  5. "Dirty" machines such as saws, grinders and abrasive plasters have their own space separate from the shop.
  6. Because costs for local purchases are usually lower than in CA I have reduced my hourly rate to $40/hr from $50/hr.

There are some disadvantages:

  1. The shop is in a rural area so there is more dust in the air which dictates choosing weather conditions for painting models
  2. Because of the rural location, taking packages to the post office/UPS/FedEx takes a chunk of time out of my work day, so now I ship packages once a week.

After much thought I decided to build shop space next to the house and to move my business there. That move is now complete, the shop is completely organized and in full operation. To say that I'm greatly pleased with the result would be an understatement.

I have built a test loop that will be used in place of my personal layout (which remains in California since that house was kept) for testing customer jobs. The 11 x 17 foot loop will be expanded to included other track gauges and scale will be done as needed by either adding a temporary loop of flex track or adding another rail to one of the existing permanent loops. I will be able to simulate the train dymanics of ascending and descending grades.

I will update the pages with photos of the new shop and test loop so please come back from time to time to see what's new.

Thank you very much for your interest, and to my many repeat customers, for your trust and support.

For my California friends and customers, don't worry. I plan regular visits as I have family in the San Francico Bay Area and have kept the house in Palo Alto. You will get visits from me, and for those of you who need me to do some work for you, most times you will be able to leave your model with me locally and later pick it up locally.

Most people my age have retired. That wouldn't work for me as I enjoy the challenges presented by customer jobs. I do take a little more time away from work nowadays so I'm calling that my retirement. As my predecessor Jerry White said, "I'll work as long as I can see and use my hands." I plan to do the same.


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