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This is a description of my railroad model building business. I encourage you to have a dialog with me so that we can fully discuss your interests and what I can do for you.

What I Do

My business is the business that Mr. Jerry White operated prior to his retirement. I build and install custom drive systems in locomotives, scratch build locomotives and rolling stock, repair worn and broken mechanisms and models, and assemble kits into fine models, primarily for O scale modelers.

This business is full time for me. I expect to continue working in the business until I am no longer able (I am in excellent health, so you can expect me to be around for some time to come.) I attend O Scale West and the Chicago March meet to meet you and display current projects.

At the time of Jerry's retirement the press chose to focus on his custom building activities. However, most of Jerry's work throughout his career was in custom drives. I am continuing his work both in custom drives and in custom building.

My Qualifications

It has been my pleasure to have been trained in this business by Jerry White, who is one of the best (in terms of quality and variety of models built) of the railroad model builders. Jerry built railroad models for 63 years, and most of his business was repeat business, which says something about how he (and I) conduct the business. I worked full time with Jerry starting in 1993. Jerry retired in 1995 and passed away in 2007.

Prior to this business I worked as a computer programmer and manager of computer systems development. Jerry wanted his time working with me to be teaching me how to use his machine tools to make models, and not to be teaching me the basics of machining, so I completed the machining program at a local college during the first part of my apprenticeship with him..

Model railroading is my hobby. I have an operations-oriented O scale layout in my home, so I understand the benefit of having locomotives that work as well as they look, and the value of dependable equipment. I would rather spend my scarce modeling time running trains and in layout construction than in fiddling with a locomotive that won't run in a manner such that I can enjoy it. I find that locomotives that run smoothly and reliably and that do not require frequent fiddling to keep them that way make my modeling time much more productive and satisfying.

The shop where I do my work is equipped with the industrial size metal working equipment that Jerry used. A partial list of tools includes a 2 hp. vertical mill with many accessories including rotary tables and index heads, a 12" x 42" lathe with 73 5C collets and four and six jaw chucks, a drill press, a 24 inch bending brake, a 24 inch shear, a notcher, and Jerry`s famous rivet punching machine. All this equipment is supported by a library of books and drawings, and an extensive inventory of supplies. In the shop there is a 10 foot by 14 foot oval test track that I built to verify operation of locomotives before they are shipped to customers.

I have a large inventory of locomotive parts, ranging from U.S.Hobbies parts through PSC parts to parts cast from Jerry White's and my patterns. Much brass sheet, bar, and rod is stocked along with lead, aluminum, and various phenolic and plastic sheet and rod material. I have thousands of #00, #0, #1, and #2 machine screws, along with many metric screws including odd screws such as shoulder screws. I purchase only quality products for my inventory - their slightly higher initial cost is compensated for by reduced time spent correcting problems caused by, say, a broken screw or a bad light bulb.


All of my services are warranted. Please see the warranty statement within each service for a complete statement of how that service is warranted.


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