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Lenz 2-Rail O Scale Track System

Note, I no longer offer the Lenz track system. The information below is provided for your information. If you decide that you want some of the Lenz track products I suggest you search the Internet for a source.

Lenz Elektronik is in the process of developing a line of 2-rail O scale rolling stock and track.

The prototype for the current product line is German. However, because differences in track construction from railroad to railroad and from country to country are minor to all but those who require exact reproductions, the Lenz line of track will be attractive to modelers world wide.

Further, once the track is painted and ballasted, only close inspection will reveal that it is not exact U.S. prototype track.

The components of the Lenz track system include sectional straight and curved track, flex track, and straight turnouts.

Of great interest is that the Lenz system includes a double slip switch, curved turnouts, and a 3-way turnout, all RTR (Ready to Run); these items in a RTR form are a first for 2-rail O Scale.

While the prices may seem steep to you, consider the time and layout space you save with a curved or double slip switch. Another way to look at the double slip switch is that it replaces four switches and a crossover; the total cost of those five components will exceed the cost of the double slip. Consider also the space for additional track that using the double slip will allow.

More information about the track system is at the Lenz German language web site. The language is not a barrier to understanding the web site. Click the plus sign in the red outlined box in the upper right corner of the web page, and a window will open that shows a nice overview of how the various parts of the track system interconnect.

Additional information in English and with some photos is at the importer's web site.

The rail size is .148. The track compatible with AtlasO sectional track.

At this time I believe the turnouts are true sectional turnouts in that the curved leg of a turnout can be substituted for a section of curved track.

I am a dealer for this track. Closeup photos will be posted when track has been received.

I know that "european prototype" will be a red flag for some modelers. To help with your buying decision, I am making the following offer:

I will send a double slip switch to you for your inspection. I am still learning about this track system; if possible I plan to include appropriate rail joiners and wiring installed on the switch so that you can put it in place on your layout and run trains over it.

In turn, you agree:

If you have suggestions to make the above program more friendly and/or effective, please let me know.

For further information on this program, please contact me per the link below.


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